Module One

Healing the Healers: Art of Living and Dying
Module 1: Understanding Spiritual Suffering

Participants learn about the rich cultural history and clinically sound practices for detecting and alleviating spiritual and emotional distress at the end of life. Proven results for patients include reduced anxiety, an improved quality of living and more effective pain management. Caregivers learn valuable models for addressing death anxiety as the most critical issue for the dying person.

Outcomes you can expect from this program:

  • Training in practical and clinically-sound practices to alleviate spiritual and emotional distress at the end of life.
  • Strong grounding in the rich monastic history of spiritual caregiving and practice.
  • Proven results to relieve physical and spiritual pain and the voluntary reduction of analgesics at the end of life.
  • Experience with valuable tools for addressing death anxiety, which affects not only the dying person but also family, friends and other caregivers.
  • Essential education about bereavement care and caring for the caregiver, helping to avoid costly burnout for staff and volunteers.

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