Book of Living & Dying

The American Book of Living & Dying:
Lessons in Healing Spiritual Pain

is co-authored by SALC founder, Richard Groves and Dr. Henriette Anne Klauser. Now in its third printing, this work has been compared to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’ groundbreaking research on death and dying. But this is not a book about the end of life alone. The American Book of Living & Dying is ultimately a testimony to hope and living. Its lessons are about transforming suffering at any stage of life. Based on the wisdom found in the ancient books of living and dying, Groves’ work is also a collection of real life stories from persons of all cultural, social and religious backgrounds. These testimonies give us the courage to trust our deepest instincts and to discover our deepest priorities.

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Book Reviews:
“As groundbreaking as Kubler-Ross’ work…”
New York Times

“A brilliant blending of the ancient and modern human story filled with healing and hope…”
The Irish Times

“Groves and Klauser have created an inspiring and practical guide for living and dying well…”
Ira Byock, MD

“This excellent and very readable book finds new ways to create life even out of death…”
Richard Rohr, OFM

Book now available in trade paperback . Available in English, Japanese and [soon] in Spanish.