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Other Topics by Richard

Other Topics Available…

01 • A Spirituality of Aging:
Growing B/older Gracefully
A new vision for mature adulthood and the wisdom of spiritual eldering

02 • Healing the Healers:
Recognizing Spiritual Suffering in Ourselves and Others
How to recognize and respond to soul pain

03 • Recovering the Vocation of Caregiving:
Connecting Our ‘Soul and Role’
based on the work of Parker Palmer’s A Hidden Wholeness
An opportunity for professional caregivers to recover the heart of their work

04 • Soulful Grieving:
Healing Life’s Losses
How to deal constructively with issues of grief and loss

05 • The Way a Man Grieves:
Masculine Perspectives on Suffering and Loss
A presentation/workshop on the unique dimensions of how men deal with grief

06 • Dark Nights of the Soul:
A Spirituality of Healing
Lessons from classic traditions about the journey through pain into wholeness

07 • Poets, Saints and Mystics:
Trusting Your Experience of God
The perennial wisdom of the mystical traditions made relevant for today’s seeker

08 • A Wellness Retreat:
Body-Mind-Spirit Health
Finding the antidote to our cultural demons of business, speed and materialism

09 • Science, Spirituality and Healing:
Wisdom Meets Experience
Quantum perspectives that confirm the wisdom of our ancestors

10 • Understanding the Psalms:
Prayer Book of the Human Experience
A study of ancient poetry-in-prayer that still names our human condition

11 • The Art of Spiritual Discernment:
Asking Courageous Questions
A challenging program that invites life’s deepest questions and priorities

12 • The Soulful Enneagram:
A Sacred Psychology
An introduction to Sacred Art of Living Center’s Enneagram Studies

13 • A Spirituality of Guided Visualization:
Meditations That Heal
An opportunity to learn about one of the classical tools for inner healing

14 • Lessons in Celtic Spirituality:
Recovering the Tradition of Soul Friendship
Ways that the ancient Celtic spirit transcends cultures and faith traditions

15 • The Healing Art of Ritual:
Transforming the Ordinary into the Sacred
Learn about and experience the essential wisdom embodied in sacred ritual

16 • Wounded Healers:
A Retreat for Spiritual Caregivers
A profoundly healing experience for chaplains, clergy and faith communities

17 • We Are the Medicine:
A Retreat for Health Care Professionals
An opportunity to explore the spiritual dimensions of health care

18 • Dream Tending:
Spirituality of the Inner Life
Based on the themes and teachings of Carl Jung and religious mystical traditions

19 • Taming the Ego
The Male Spiritual Journey
based on the work of Richard Rohr, OFM
Themes of spiritual health for men in today’s world

20 • Mystical Traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam:
Lessons for Healing Today’s World
Inspirational teachings from the medieval Iberian tradition

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