Journey Into Wholeness

Consciously Guiding Your Inner Pathway
Towards Peace and Well-Being

Three Online Workshop Series
Presented by Dean Sharpe, MD, and Marlis Beier, MD

Too often we wander through life without clear vision or direction. We may have had a clarity of purpose but are pulled-off course.  We react to the “tyranny of now” without looking towards what will bring us peace and well-being. The webinar series “Journey into Wholeness” provides the opportunity to pause and consciously examine what is most important within our own lives. Are we following what we know to be important and ethically sound? How are we building our relationships? Deep down, who are we and how can we let our best selves emerge? If we don’t take the time, these “soul-sized” questions can get buried in the day-to-day noise. Presenters Dean Sharpe, MD, and Marlis Beier, MD, have spent years teaching these topics in their Soul of Wellness Course at the Sacred Art of Living Center. Hear their insights and best practices as they guide you on your journey into wholeness.

Each three-week program includes:

-A live three-hour webinar to kick off each series (which will be recorded and downloadable)

-A wealth of materials sent to your email each week for three weeks.

-A one-year membership to the Soul & Science Website

-Best Practice suggestions

-Personal journaling exercises

-Articles, videos, and books to help support your studies

-Handouts and community resources

Live Program is Over 


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Cost: $75 per webinar / $150 for all three webinars (a $75 savings)

“Journey into Wholeness” is designed to help the following groups:

Anyone consciously searching for personal growth

You may feel lost in your journey of peace and well-being, or you may feel secure in your direction. No matter what, we all can use support, inspiration, and meaningful information along the way. “Journey into Wholeness” offers a wide range of established wisdom by current experts in the field of wellness and interpersonal connection. It is a blend of science, philosophy, and spirituality, offering real-world practices to guide you along the way.

Counseling professionals

Helping clients and families navigate emotional well-being can pose many challenges. The “Journey into Wholeness” webinar series provides a wealth of materials that can support the treatment plans you have in place and add to your clinical “toolbox”.

Details about the individual three workshops

Setting Your Compass

Webinar: September 21, 2019
Weekly Materials: September 20 – Oct. 4, 2019

Discovering your guiding values, sacred questions, and developing personal empowerment.

  • Owning Personal Accountability
  • Avoiding Victimhood
  • Using the Awareness Wheel
  • Identifying “What are my Values?”

Choosing Your Path

Webinar: October 26
Weekly Materials: October 25-Nov. 8

Moving forward with your soul-gifts, a clear direction, and employing healthy boundaries.

  • Understanding Attachment Models
  • Spiritual Inquiry
  • Living Beyond “Personality”
  • Enneagram as a tool of self-discovery

Traveling in Connection

Webinar: November 16, 2019
Weekly Materials: Nov. 15-26

Building meaningful connection with your family, friends, and community.

  • Finding Meaningful Connection
  • Embracing Community
  • Dangers of Disconnection
  • Inter-personal Gaps

Presenter Biographies:

Dean Sharpe MD, MHA

Dean Sharpe trained as a general surgeon and worked in private practice from 1980 to 2002.  He shifted focus, obtained a Master’s Degree in Health Administration, becoming Vice President of Medical Affairs at St. Charles Medical Center for twelve years, sharing this position with his surgical practice from 1994-2002.  Informatics and computerized medical records came and he facilitated the change at St. Charles from 2004 to 2006.  As the Vice President of Medical Affairs and VP Clinical Informatics, relationship and change facilitation was the major role of the job.

His love has always been as facilitator and educator, so starting in 1992, he helped design and facilitate “People Centered Teams”, an organizational development and personal growth seminar, both at St. Charles and nationally, impacting the lives of over 5000 participants.  He helped design and taught two levels of Death and Dying workshops at St. Charles in the 90’s with the goal that caregivers would become more comfortable with their own mortality as well as their patients.  His belief as physician has always included the role of facilitating the relationship between patient and illness since this healthy relationship allows healing, regardless of physical cure.  The vision and mission of the Sacred Art of Living and Dying Center and the SALAD seminars are a natural extension of Dean’s previous interests and work.  He is married to Marlis Beier, and has two daughters and two grandsons. He lives in Bend, Oregon and enjoys cooking, skiing, hiking, gardening, and being with his family.

Marlis Beier, M.D.

Marlis Beier started her professional career in Obstetrics and Gynecology and practiced for seventeen years. She found gratification in both the clinical challenges and accompanying those facing life transitions around sexuality, motherhood, loss and medical crisis. During that time, her desire to prevent unwanted teen pregnancy led to presentations, making an educational video and teaching in schools as well as founding a mentoring teen theater group.

Life and identity shifted when exacerbation of multiple sclerosis ended her private practice. Finding meaning in her own losses and change stimulated learning storytelling, spiritual work, dream tending and writing. An ordained Maggid (Jewish storytelling and teacher), she speaks at faith communities as well as to secular groups.  Her focus changed from accompanying those giving birth to those facing the end of life.  Her volunteer work includes hospice, interfaith networking and Volunteers in Medicine (caring for indigent patients).  Seminars at the Sacred Art of Living Center motivated her to begin teaching dream tending, facilitating end of life review (a personal Vidui) and acting as a spiritual director.  Facilitating material and ritual at the Sacred Art of Living and Dying programs comes naturally from her practicing personal, family and community ritual in Judaism, fitting in with her love of stories.

Her greatest love is her family, including husband Dean Sharpe, M.D., two daughters, Marissa and Anneliese, and grandsons Thielsen and Sawyer. The saga of Anneliese’s health challenges since age one inspired her to become a better doctor, mother and companion to any one facing illness or challenge.