The Alchemy of Grief FAQs

Q: I can’t get online during the webinar times. Can I still sign up?
A: Yes, you can still participate. The webinar will be recorded and can be viewed at your convenience. All registered individuals will receive the downloadable video on the Monday after the recording, as well as the weekly study materials.

Q: Can I get continuing education credits for this workshop?
A: Yes, you can receive 2.75 continuing education credits per webinar through the California Board of Registered Nursing and National Association of Social Workers – Oregon Chapter. To receive credit, you must indicate a need for CE credit one week before the event and be present for the live webinars.

Q: Is there a group rate?
A: Yes, there is a rate for groups of five or more. Contact SALC for more information.

Q: Can I “share” my registration with my spouse? We can use the same computer screen.
A: We will allow up to two individuals per computer screen. We won’t allow the webinar to be shown to a whole group under a single registration. Please call SALC if your group would like to participate. There will be one CEU certificate available per registration.

Q: Will there be homework?
A: No, there are no assignments with the weekly materials. We do include discussion questions, journaling exercises, and best practices, but these are for personal study. None of the activities are required or submitted to SALC.

Q: Do I have to log onto your website to get the weekly materials?
A: You will receive an email with all your weekly materials included. We will also have a page on the Soul & Science website that provides these same materials. You can decide which method of access you prefer.

Q: Can I sign up for just one course, or do I have to sign up for all three?
A: You can sign up for an individual course, but you receive a savings of $75 if you sign up for all three at once.

Q: Who is the target audience for the webinar series?
A: The Alchemy of Grief is geared towards those living with loss, healthcare professionals, and individuals dedicated to supporting friends and loved ones experiencing grief.

Q: Is this grief counseling?
A: The Alchemy of Grief will give information and best practices to help process and transform loss but is not meant to take the place of professional grief counseling.