“The only constant in life is change”-Heraclitus

It is interesting how our lives in the time of COVID-19 are both very still and so full of change. Normally, my spring is non-stop travel, and I am forced to grab rare moments to start my garden and enjoy the flowers of spring.

These last few months I have stayed close to the ground in every way. No plane travel means I’m home, and I can be fully present in the “now” of this season. I love digging in the dirt, communing with nature, and building my garden in a brand new way. So, in spite of the hardships which many are experiencing, I am also grateful for the gifts of a very different pace this Spring.

Of course, there are significant challenges. Every day I must look at how to manage the stress of translating all of our in-person programs to online events, the uncertainty of the next year, and the loss of program income. I feel the world-wide sorrow of grief and loss because of the pandemic. These changes are painful.

Just as I am tending to my garden, I must tend to the trust and hope that we are planting at SALC. I must trust and hope that our excellent online programs will find those hungry for these teachings. I must trust and hope that our team has the stamina to continue at such a busy pace. I must trust and hope that our SALC friends and past donors will continue to support the work we do.

We know so many of you are facing financial uncertainty and hardship, so now may be a difficult time to donate, but, if it is possible, we could use your support. This next year is going to be a financial tight-rope walk as we navigate the COVID-19 landscape. Your contributions will be the deciding factor between continuing our current path and future hard choices. We know the level of donations must change to meet our future needs, and we hope our wonderful SALC family will hear our call.  Donations can be made online or by mailing a check to PO Box 8720 / Bend, OR 97708.

We are continuing to work from home but know that your calls, emails, and letters are all read and passed along. If our responses are delayed, please know we are all busily engaged in our virtual programs and will get back to you as soon as possible.

May you have the strength to face the difficulties of change, gratitude for the blessings of change, and wisdom to hold both with an open heart.

Wishing everyone health and peace,

-Richard Groves
Founding Director of Sacred Art of Living Center

If you appreciate SALC and would like to support our effort to provide free materials to all who need it, please donate to our 501c 3 nonprofit by clicking here. Any amount will make a difference during these difficult times.

Click Here to Access the free Toolkit for Care Providers

Sacred Art of Living Center has spent the last 25 years offering tools and teachings that provide caregivers emotional support and keep them connected with their soul and role.  With today’s COVID-19 crisis, we want to offer everyone access to a collection of these essential concepts built to help mitigate burnout and compassion fatigue – all at no cost.

Every two weeks, we will post two short video lessons. One is geared toward self-care, while the second is designed for professional care providers. Along with the video we are including questions for self-assessment & personal reflection, three best practices, and a library of additional resources.

If you would like help incorporating these teachings in your organization or would like guidance in individual use, we can provide a program guide, an individual who is experienced with these materials, to assist you, also at no cost. Simply email info@sacredartofliving.org and we will arrange a 30-minute session at your convenience.

Welcome to the Sacred Art of Living Center

Sacred Art of Living Center was established in 1996 by Richard and Mary Groves in Bend, Oregon, as a first-of- its-kind non-profit educational institute providing workshops and professional development focused on whole person caregiving. Their vision brought together more than fifty years of experience in professional health care development, depth psychology, end-of- life care, and cultural studies drawn from the world’s great wisdom traditions.

All of the Center’s programs build personal resiliency, tools of self-care, skills to help others in all stages of life, and experiences celebrating the beautiful life-journey we all share.

Our Programs Include:

Healing the Healing: Sacred Art of Living & Dying Series is more about living than about the end of life. This series of four internationally acclaimed modules draws from the wisdom of our ancestors that the quality of life is enhanced when we do not live in fear or denial of suffering and our mortality. More…

Soul & Science is a virtual destination for caregivers designed to provide information and inspiration through an easy-to-access website. Lesson series provide real-world best practices, as well as continuing education credits. More…

Anamcara is an ancient Gaelic term meaning “soul friend.” The purpose of this two-year certification program is to deepen the quality of all our relationships and enable caregivers to become “compassionate companions” through all the stages of living and dying. More…

Enneagram is a remarkable tool for psychological and spiritual growth. Our programs centered around this ancient wisdom traditional offers clinical insight that explains why we behave the way we we do by uncovering our unconscious motivations and deeply rooted influences. More…

SALC Preview Video: the following video is an introduction to the teachings found in our Sacred Art of Living and Dying Workshops.

SALC is now welcoming our community to another resource—our Lending Library.  Our Library offers a wide selection of books, all of which promote spiritual growth. More…