Module Two

Healing the Healers: Art of Living and Dying
Module 2: Recognizing Spiritual Suffering

Participants study in depth the time-tested primary diagnoses of spiritual pain: forgiveness, relatedness, meaning and hope. Through a series of case studies as well as reflecting on personal experience, traditional and contemporary modes of inner healing are applied to pastoral practice. The result is an enhanced ability to recognize and celebrate the final gifts of growth and transformation revealed at the end of life.

What you can expect from this program:

  • Experimentation with each of the four spiritual pain scales: hope, meaning, forgiveness, and relatedness pain.
  • Examination of the relationship between ethical and religious-based decision making.
  • Study of the current understanding of ‘religious abuse’ as a critical factor for some patients in coming to peace at the end of life.
  • Reflection on the correlation between the traditional stages of human development and the stages of faith development, especially as it impacts end of life care and bereavement issues.
  • Define, compare, and contrast personal modes of pastoral practice with alternative modes of therapeutic presence.

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