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Presentations by Richard

Conferences, Workshops and Retreats

Richard Groves is an internationally popular speaker who presents a variety of educational and spiritual development programs for health care institutions, faith communities of all traditions and the general public. Depending on the audience, most Sacred Art of Living Center workshops are appropriate for physician, nursing, mental health professional and chaplain/clergy CEUs. Richard has earned graduate degrees in theology, ethics, pastoral counseling and law (click here for Curriculum Vitae). His doctoral research focuses on cultural and inter-faith perspectives regarding the Sacred Art of Living and Dying. Depending on availability, Richard is available to offer a program, keynote address or retreat on the Sacred Art of Living Center’s North Star program: The Sacred Art of Living and Dying: Healing for Body, Mind and Spirit. See our Calendar and Registration for regularly scheduled programs.

Other Topics offered by Richard Groves…

01 • A Spirituality of Aging:Growing B/older Gracefully
A new vision for mature adulthood and the wisdom of spiritual eldering.

02 • Healing the Healers:Recognizing Spiritual Suffering in Ourselves and Others
How to recognize and respond to soul pain.

03 • Recovering the Vocation of Caregiving: Connecting Our ‘Soul and Role’
based on the work of Parker Palmer’s A Hidden Wholeness
An opportunity for professional caregivers to recover the heart of their work.

04 • Soulful Grieving:Healing Life’s Losses
How to deal constructively with issues of grief and loss.

05 • The Way a Man Grieves: Masculine Perspectives on Suffering and Loss.
A presentation/workshop on the unique dimensions of how men deal with grief.

06 • Dark Nights of the Soul: A Spirituality of Healing
Lessons from classic traditions about the journey through pain into wholeness.

07 • Poets, Saints and Mystics: Trusting Your Experience of God
The perennial wisdom of the mystical traditions made relevant for today’s seeker.

08 • A Wellness Retreat: Body-Mind-Spirit Health
Finding the antidote to our cultural demons of business, speed and materialism.

09 • Science, Spirituality and Healing: Wisdom Meets Experience
Quantum perspectives that confirm the wisdom of our ancestors.

10 • Understanding the Psalms: Prayer Book of the Human Experience
A study of ancient poetry-in-prayer that still names our human condition.

11 • The Art of Spiritual Discernment:Asking Courageous Questions
A challenging program that invites life’s deepest questions and priorities.

12 • The Soulful Enneagram:A Sacred Psychology
An introduction to Sacred Art of Living Center’s Enneagram Studies.

13 • A Spirituality of Guided Visualization: Meditations That Heal
An opportunity to learn about one of the classical tools for inner healing.

14 • Lessons in Celtic Spirituality: Recovering the Tradition of Soul Friendship
Ways that the ancient Celtic spirit transcends cultures and faith traditions.

15 • The Healing Art of Ritual: Transforming the Ordinary into the Sacred
Learn about and experience the essential wisdom embodied in sacred ritual.

16 • Wounded Healers: A Retreat for Spiritual Caregivers
A profoundly healing experience for chaplains, clergy and faith communities.

17 • We Are the Medicine: A Retreat for Health Care Professionals
An opportunity to explore the spiritual dimensions of health care.

18 • Dream Tending: Spirituality of the Inner Life
Based on the themes and teachings of Carl Jung and religious mystical traditions.

19 • Taming the Ego-The Male Spiritual Journey
based on the work of Richard Rohr, OFM
Themes of spiritual health for men in today’s world.

20 • Mystical Traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Lessons for Healing Today’s World
Inspirational teachings from the Medieval Iberian traditions

Additional Topics by Richard Groves