The Alchemy of Grief

Transformative Power of Love

Three Online Workshop Series
Presented by Richard Groves & the Sacred Art of Living Center

Among life’s most painful experiences is losing someone we love. Grief silences the soul. It shakes our solid ground and turns it into unstable footing with no clear path ahead. When grieving, we also face questions which contain healing and transformative potential:

  • Who am I without my loved one?
  • How will I function under the weight of grief?
  • Where can I find a sense of wholeness?

Richard Groves will explore this important topic in three five-week online courses. His teachings are shaped by forty-years of experience in the field of end-of-life care and his new book “Alchemy of Grief” (co-authored with his late wife, Mary). This series is supported with video instruction by grief experts Tom Golden, MSW, and Wendy Howard, PhD. Each series begins with a live three-hour webinar presented by Richard Groves. There will be an opportunity to explore the many facets of grief through lecture, discuss topics in small groups, and ask Richard one-on-one questions. Over a five week period, you will receive our resource packet – filled with readings, journaling questions, book suggestions, and relevant videos by Wendy Howard and Tom Golden. All participants will be encouraged to look at their relationship with grieving, since we all experience loss. Grief has the power to deeply transform your life. “The Alchemy of Grief” teaches how to use that transformation for growth and healing.

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Cost: $75 per webinar / $150 for all three webinars (a $75 savings)

Each five week program includes:

-A live three-hour webinar to kick off the series (which will be recorded and downloadable)

-A wealth of materials sent to your email each week for five weeks.

  • Instructional videos by Richard Groves, Tom Golden, and Wendy Howard created for the Soul & Science website
  • Best Practice suggestions
  • Personal journaling exercises
  • Articles, videos, and books to help support your studies
  • Handouts and community resources
  • Free subscriptions to key Soul & Science Series
  • Preview sections of Richard Groves’ new book “Alchemy of Grief”

This series is created in honor of the 10th Anniversary of Mary Groves’ passing.

March 6, 1939 –
February 2, 2009

“The Alchemy of Grief” is designed to help the following groups:

Those living with loss

Often, those living with grief feel alone. The loss of a loved one leaves a hole in the fabric of their lives, and it can be very hard to reach out for help or discuss difficult emotions. This web series provide a place to explore painful feelings, discuss them in a safe place, and carry out best practices to find strength and peace.

Healthcare professionals

Helping patients and families navigate grief can be a difficult task, especially if you haven’t received training in this area. “The Alchemy of Grief” webinar series will not only teach you lessons, tools, and best practice, but also provide videos, articles, and community resources that can be shared with those in need. Continuing education credit (2.75 hrs.) will be available through California Board of Registered Nursing and National Association of Social Workers- Oregon Chapter.

Individuals dedicated to supporting friends and loved ones experiencing grief 

When a loved one is suffering, it is very natural to want to help. Too often we turn to clichéd sayings and retreat into uncertainty. This webinar series will dive into ways we can talk about grief, understand what your loved one is feeling, and offer deeply encouraging support.

Details about the individual three workshops

Facing Grief

(March 1-29)

-Confronting painful emotions when facing a significant loss

-Exploring the five essential Do’s & Don’ts of grief for survivors

-Facing the prospective loss of a loved one who is still living

Transforming Grief

(April 5 – May 3)

-Reconciling with our grief vs. expecting to get over our losses

-Experiencing spiritual practices that support healing and wellness

-Looking forward to life, love and hope that can be enriched by loss

Living with Grief

(May 17-June 14)

-Learning how healthy grieving is where the healing begins

-Supporting wellness for the bereaved with practical strategies for living

-Exploring creative good grief rituals for individuals and families

This course is shaped by Richard Groves’ upcoming book “Alchemy of Grief”. Authored by Richard, it includes materials and writings by his wife, Mary Groves, who passed away in 2009. By this means, he has been able to co-author “Alchemy of Grief” with Mary and bring her voice and blend their thoughts on the subject of Loss and Transformation.

Richard’s new book “Alchemy of Grief”. Estimated release date: 2020

Alchemy of Grief Table of Contents

Introduction: A Biography and Survivor’s Manual

Chapter One: Grief is not an emotion but – A state of being

Chapter Two: The alchemy of suffering –A great change

Chapter Three: Suffering is not the last word– A fire that heals

Chapter Four: Love is our legacy – A life beyond hope

Richard Groves Biography

Richard Groves is an internationally respected teacher and inspirational speaker on the subjects of conscious living and dying.  An interfaith health care chaplain and counselor for twenty five years, Richard and his late wife Mary are co-founders of the Sacred Art of Living Center in Bend, Oregon.  More than twenty thousand persons have benefits from their seminars: Sacred Art of Living & Dying and the Anamcara Project.  Richard’s book, The American Book of Living and Dying: Lessons in Healing Spiritual Pain has inspired hospices around the world to re-examine the relationship between physical, emotional and spiritual wellness.  Groves latest project, Soul & Science for Caregivers, is an on-line resource with courses for the support and healing of both patients and those who care for them.  Richard’s passion is to bring together the worlds of science, health care, psychology and spirituality.  He says it is his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who teach him how to keep on loving…