Enneagram as Mirror into the Soul Webinar Series

The Enneagram has deep roots in spiritual wisdom and practice.  This webinar series will explore several profound and insightful aspects of the nine Ennea-Styles which are often unexplored in introductory courses. Here is an opportunity to see more deeply into the soul through the wisdom and mirror of the Enneagram…

  • Discovering how your “Soul Child” can be a compass for spiritual and emotional healing
  • Experiencing how the Divine Idea for each Ennea-style offers a ‘map’ for transformation
  • Exploring the spiritual practices which best support each soul’s journey towards wholeness
  • Deepening in the art of spiritual discernment for ourselves and others

This webinar series offers teachings that will help you dig deeper into the soulful dimensions of your Ennea-Style. Materials will complement and deepen, but not repeat, the teachings found in The Spirit of the Enneagram Program and the Contemplative Retreat.

All webinars are from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm PST followed by an optional one hour moderated forum discussion.

Cost: $75 per webinar / $150 for all three webinars (a $75 savings)

Journaling exercises, readings, videos, and online discussion groups will be available to support and expand each webinar topic.

To order please call 1-541-383-4179 or email us at info@sacredartofliving.org