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Video of the “Giving Thanks” Gala
November 23, 2020

Sacred Art of Living: Our Story and Legacy

2020-2021 Annual Appeal

This year we are completely moving into something new. Rather than sending out our usual mailed brochure, we are turning the Annual Campaign into a community-building event. We are going green and moving to personalized one-on-one contact, inspiring videos, and meaningful “thank you” gifts. Instead of the “old way” of paper and postage, the month of November will be filled with events to commemorate our 2020-2021 Annual Appeal. All events are free and all individuals are welcome. Click here for a calendar of our free events. Of course, the heart-and-soul of our Annual Appeal is to raise the funds to continue the work for another year. During this campaign, we need you more than ever. There has never been a more dire situation than having to face and adjust to this new Pandemic reality. This year our Annual Appeal Goal is $100,000. Our SALC community has met a similar annual appeal goal with last year’s campaign, but we also know that many of you are struggling with the economic effects of 2020 as well. We ask for your support and are grateful for all that you give. As a “thank you,” we are giving every donation of $50 or more a brand-new series downloadable guided visualization created by Richard Groves to help bring peace throughout the coming year. We are grateful you are a part of our beautiful world.

Please click here to donate online, or, if you would prefer to mail in a check, feel free to print out this pledge card and send it to:

Sacred Art of Living Center
PO Box 8720
Bend, OR 97708

Click Here for the Pledge Card PDF

Click Here for the Pledge Card PDF

Of course, you can still send checks or fill out our pledge card to set up recurring monthly donations. Feel free to call 541-383-4179 to donate over the phone. Thank you!
Sacred Art of Living Center
PO Box 8720
Bend, OR 97708

Volunteers Needed!

Another way to support SALC is to donate your time. We are so grateful to the army of volunteers that make our work possible. We truly couldn’t do it without them. If you are interested in helping at our Center in Bend, Oregon, or assist us at the workshops in your area, please call 451-383-4179, and we will coordinate all the details.

Stocks or Mutual Funds

Sacred Art of Living Center now has the ability to accept donations of stocks or mutual funds. This could be a wonderful way to maximize tax savings and meet your charitable giving goals for the end-of-year. Please use our Fidelity account  number Z50394157 or contact Fiona, our CFO, at 541-383-4179 if you would like additional information about this opportunity.

Thank you for your support!

It is through the support of donors like you that we are able to continue our mission of bringing healing to a world in need. Your donation has great impact.

Because of your generosity:

-We are able to teach a community of caregivers how to find resilience, wisdom, and strength when serving others in times of need.

-We are able to give those in search of emotional health and spiritual direction access to rich and meaningful wisdom traditions.

-We are able to mentor over 300 Anamacara Graduate Apprentices as they spread their wisdom and insights across the world.

-We are able to provide comfort and spiritual healing during times of transition and loss.

Know that you are key to the success of the transformative work of the Sacred Art of Living Center.

Sacred Art of Living Center(EIN 93-1258906) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
All gifts to the Center are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.