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Our Summer Campaign – Your Donations are Matched!

We have very exciting news! Because of a grant from the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund, we are able to match the first $15,000 of our Summer Campaign Donations! Every donation over $100 will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Your $100 will instantly grow to $200! Your $500 will blossom to $1,000! This is a first for SALC, and we know it will have a huge impact on our fundraising efforts.

About our Summer Campaign

So why are we offering a Summer Campaign? Isn’t the November Annual Appeal enough? We know you may be asking these questions. There are two factors we need to address this summer. First, our primary goal for 2019 is to expand our educational platforms so we can reach a wider range of individuals. We are visioning what our future holds, and we know we must expand our teaching formats.

By offering more web-based courses, we can provide support to those who may need it most. This adds a layer of demand on our staff and current technology infrastructure. We have been maintaining an online university, but our equipment capacity is stretched to the limit. Just this month we have had two computer systems fail! This has crippled our abilities to make videos and audio programs, as well as slowing the process of updating our websites. To be able to create new online options and move forward with our 2020 vision, we need to invest in significant improvements. The cost to update these two systems is budgeted at $30,000. We can both face this challenge and expand our mission with the funds from this summer campaign.

The second factor is our need to offer scholarships for our Anamcara Project. We have a wonderful group of apprentices involved in the current Anamcara Project and many in the process of applying for the 2019-2021 program. It was Mary’s goal to never turn anyone away because of financial issues, and this year there is a special need for scholarship support.

So How Does the Matching Grant Work?

The rule behind our Maybelle Clark Macdonald Matching Grant is simple:

Every donation that is $100 or higher will be matched.

We certainly will accept any sized donation with heart-felt gratitude. Approximately 48% of our current donors give less than $100, so we know this could be a stretch for many of you. The beauty of this matching grant is that your gift will be doubled if it meets the $100 or above level. If you’ve been thinking about donating, now would be an excellent time to do so.

If you have any questions, please call Gwen at (541) 383-4179 and she can give you additional details.

Volunteers Needed!

Another way to support SALC is to donate your time. We are so grateful to the army of volunteers that make our work possible. We truly couldn’t do it without them. If you are interested in helping at our Center in Bend, Oregon, or assist us at the workshops in your area, please call 451-383-4179, and we will coordinate all the details.

Thank you for your support!

It is through the support of donors like you that we are able to continue our mission of bringing healing to a world in need. Your donation has great impact.

Because of your generosity:

-We are able to teach a community of caregivers how to find resilience, wisdom, and strength when serving others in times of need.

-We are able to give those in search of emotional health and spiritual direction access to rich and meaningful wisdom traditions.

-We are able to mentor over 300 Anamacara Graduate Apprentices as they spread their wisdom and insights across the world.

-We are able to provide comfort and spiritual healing during times of transition and loss.

Know that you are key to the success of the transformative work of the Sacred Art of Living Center.

Sacred Art of Living Center now has the ability to accept donations of stocks or mutual funds.  This could be a wonderful way to maximize tax savings and meet your charitable giving goals for 2017. Please contact Fiona, our CFO, at 541-383-4179 if you would like additional information about this opportunity.

Sacred Art of Living Center(EIN 93-1258906) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
All gifts to the Center are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.