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Our 2020 Summer Campaign

We are opening our second-annual Summer Campaign! Last year was an enormous success, and we have high hopes for another terrific fundraising effort. We are grateful to the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund for the second year of matching funds. Because of increased demands on their foundation during the time of COVID-19, we were awarded a $10,000 matching grant (instead of last year’s $15,000). Fortunately, a friend of SALC offered $5,000 to make up the shortfall so we are back to our original total. The requirements are the same as last year: each donation of $100 or more will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

Looking back on last year’s Summer Campaign I am struck by several things. We couldn’t have predicted the challenges that 2020 would bring, yet our main focus was adding to our technology infrastructure. Without your support during last year’s summer campaign, we may not have been able to step right into our essential online programming to replace in-person workshops. We are grateful beyond measure for your support. We are now fully converting all our Healing the Healers Series (also known as the Sacred Art of Living & Dying) to virtual programs. We look forward to times when we can resume in-person courses, but, for right now, we are moving full-steam ahead with online options.

We have also completed two well-received online Anamcara Retreats – something we might have said was impossible if you had asked before the pandemic hit. Our team has produced miracles.

We have taken our existing equipment and facilities and stretched them to their limits. We now see what we need, in terms of additional technology and materials, to be able to make this whole process easier, more stable, and more engaging for the participants. Our in-house “production studio” budget needs have grown just as we are being impacted by COVID-19 program losses. We have created a “wish list” of items that would make a significant difference in this next chapter of SALC programming. Please click here and take a look to see if you can help us with any of these critical items. Could you “adopt” a microphone, “sponsor” a camera, or “dedicate” a ritual kit to a loved one’s memory?

Of course, we also are in great need for general funds to help support SALC’s costs around building the next generation of presenters and mentors.  This was another goal from last year’s campaign, and it has brought about wonderful results. We now have a European Team, a West Coast Team, and emerging teams in Canada and Minnesota. These new teams need our moral, financial, and technical support.  We are on this new journey of expansion, and it perfectly complements our increase of online options. It is a dream that our current presenters can stay at home and manage the live online programs while our new teams can facilitate our national and international in-person programming. We are on the path to accomplishing this dream, but we need your help.

So How Does the Matching Grant Work?

The rule behind our Maybelle Clark Macdonald Matching Grant is simple:

Every donation that is $100 or higher will be matched.

We certainly will accept any sized donation with heartfelt gratitude. The beauty of this matching grant is that your gift will be doubled if it meets the $100 or above level. If you’ve been thinking about donating, now would be an excellent time to do so.

If you have any questions, please call Gwen at (541) 383-4179, and she can give you additional details. You can also donate by clicking here.

Thank you for all of your support now and in the past. We consider you part of our Sacred Art of Living Center Family.

-Richard Groves
Founding Director
Sacred Art of Living Center
Bend, Oregon

Stocks or Mutual Funds

Sacred Art of Living Center now has the ability to accept donations of stocks or mutual funds. This could be a wonderful way to maximize tax savings and meet your charitable giving goals for the end-of-year. Please use our Fidelity account  number Z50394157 or contact Fiona, our CFO, at 541-383-4179 if you would like additional information about this opportunity.

Volunteers Needed!

Another way to support SALC is to donate your time. We are so grateful to the army of volunteers that make our work possible. We truly couldn’t do it without them. If you are interested in helping at our Center in Bend, Oregon, or assist us at the workshops in your area, please call 451-383-4179, and we will coordinate all the details.

Thank you for your support!

It is through the support of donors like you that we are able to continue our mission of bringing healing to a world in need. Your donation has great impact.

Because of your generosity:

-We are able to teach a community of caregivers how to find resilience, wisdom, and strength when serving others in times of need.

-We are able to give those in search of emotional health and spiritual direction access to rich and meaningful wisdom traditions.

-We are able to mentor over 300 Anamacara Graduate Apprentices as they spread their wisdom and insights across the world.

-We are able to provide comfort and spiritual healing during times of transition and loss.

Know that you are key to the success of the transformative work of the Sacred Art of Living Center.

Sacred Art of Living Center(EIN 93-1258906) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
All gifts to the Center are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.