Sacred Art of Living Center is now welcoming our community to another resource—our Lending Library.  Our Library offers a wide selection of books from many categories, all of which promote spiritual growth. We are grateful to Vangie Hill and Peggy Ziegler who have volunteered their time and talent to Sacred Art of Living Center to organize our books and computerize the lending system.  Their dedication has resulted in an inviting and user-friendly library.

Our collection includes books gathered by Richard and Mary Groves in their studies and travels, as well as the generous contributions of friends of Sacred Art of Living Center.  The categories of books in the Library cover the full spectrum of spiritual pursuits, with many rare and special volumes.

In 2007, Mona Key contributed a generous portion of the personal library of her late husband, Ed Key, to Sacred Art of Living Center.  Ed was an Episcopal Priest and lifelong scholar and seeker, always considering the possibilities of what he did not yet know!  Our Library is the beneficiary of Ed’s curiosity, and Mona’s generosity and we are grateful!

Come in, soon, and peruse the shelves. You’ll be delighted!