2023-2024 Annual Appeal

We are delighted to announce that 2024 will be a special “jubilee year” for Sacred Art of Living Community.  The practice of a jubilee year has its roots in an ancient Jewish tradition.  Every seven years the land rested so the next generation of growth could be strong and abundant.  Jubilee is a sacred time both to celebrate the harvest of what has been and to consider the seeds for the next generation of our work.  In this tradition, being fallow does not mean taking a vacation.  It is a sacred invitation to deepen our commitment to the future of our mission.


2024 is our 28th anniversary year and much has changed in the world over the past three decades.  While the art of living and dying will always teach the most important lessons for the human journey, the forms on which we have relied in the past are demanding renewal and adaptation.

It has also become clear to me personally that I need to reshape my own work commitments if I am to honor my own aging process… in other words, I need to practice what we preach!  At the same time, I am wholeheartedly committed to supporting the goals that will create a sustainable vision for SALC’s future.

A Video Message from Richard Groves

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Here are the courageous questions we are looking forward to

discerning with your support

The Art of Discernment has been a centerpiece of the Sacred Art of Living mission.  It was the name of the first retreat series Mary & I created back in 1996.  At that time we resonated with Frederick Buechner’s challenge that the place God is calling you to– is where your deep gladness and the world’s hunger meet.  After a life time working with caregivers in hospice, hospital, interfaith ministries and


the general public, a vision emerged to create a community of spiritual seekers based on the wisdom of transforming suffering.  Asking sacred questions and the invitation to die before you die… may now be part of your own soul’s vocabulary.  This summer I overheard my 10 year old great granddaughter talking with a friend about what her grandpa does for work.  She said, he helps people not be afraid.  A small child nailed it!


During the first six months of 2024, we will continue offering many of our traditional programs, retreats, and workshops.  Click here for a complete 2024 schedule of SALC offerings.  We will also complete our International Anamcara Apprenticeship series and launch our first PodCast version of our Art of Living & Dying teachings.

The second part of our Jubilee Year will focus on the necessary “space for grace” to re-create and re-imagine what has been ours to do in the past and will continue into the future.  We will still be offering some programming during the second half of 2024 including the launch of our first “SALC Road Scholar Pilgrimage” to the Native Southwest (click here for flyer).

Courageous Choices

Each of our HOW TO questions (the heart of asking a sacred question) is based on the themes we have been hearing from you, our SALC family for many years.  I also want you to know that, in order to accomplish our jubilee year goals, we will need to reduce our administrative operations in half so that we have the resources to re-create the next generation of our work. Our very committed (albeit small) staff and volunteers are eager to work at reimagining how SALC’s unique contributions can best continue into the future— but at this important crossroads for our not-for-profit organization,  we truly need your prayerful and financial support more than ever.

  • How to continue offering the essence of SALC’s courses in ways that are more accessible, affordable, and practical for caregivers?
  • How to translate our traditional workshop experiences into bite-sized Podcast segments that can easily be shared with younger listeners?
  • How to preserve the unique aspects of our workshops that include cultural and inter-spiritual perspectives?
  • How to restructure the apprenticeship and study tracks for wider participation?
  • How to create a more intentional Anamcara Community among our graduate apprentices around the world?
  • How to ensure that the life’s work of Richard and Mary Groves is being passed on to a new generation of leadership?
  • How to introduce our world-class, online curriculum to more institutions and caregivers?
  • How to integrate Soul & Science teachings into new and existing SALC workshops?
  • How to create future series with timely issues that are emerging for both professional and family caregivers?
  • How to deepen the soulful aspects of the Enneagram for those who already know about this sacred psychology?
  • How to create a new forum for the ongoing Enneagram studies?
  • How to encourage organizations to welcome the Enneagram as a tool for encouraging accountability and soulful growth?


Finally, as a way of expressing our gratitude and inviting you to share in our Jubilee Year of Discernment, for anyone who makes a $100 or greater contribution to our Annual Campaign before the end of 2023, we would like to offer you one of three choices:
  • Participate in a special weekend mini-retreat called A LIVING SPIRITUAL WILL: Creating Your Personal Legacy to be offered on April 19-21, 2024.  Register now and your $100 gift means that this event would be free of charge! (click here for flyer)


  • Receive a $100 discount towards our Spring/Lent 2024 30-Day Virtual Ignatian Discernment Retreat scheduled for Feb 24-Mar 23. (click here for flyer)


  • Receive a $100 discount towards Richard’s Nine-month NEW Anamcara Track: The Mystical Enneagram: Discernment & Prayer with the Mystics beginning in Fall 2024 through Spring 2025.

You do not have to select an option today.  We will follow up after the New Year holiday for those who are eligible.

St. Ignatius wrote, “Whatever you are doing, that which makes you feel most alive is where God is.”  For me personally, although now well into my 70s, I believe with C.S. Lewis that…You are never too old to dream another dream
Richard Groves
Founding Director
Sacred Art of Living Community