Enneagram & Spiritual Discernment Webinar #2 Week 1 Materials

Questions to Ponder:

Take some time to think about your tragic gap and courageous question. You may want to continue using the courageous question you began with at the start of the webinar series, or you may want to choose a new issue/problem/conflict that is relevant in your life at the moment. Below are several Parker Palmer videos where he talks about the subject of the Tragic Gap and see if these add to your understanding. It may be fruitful to write down a whole list of possible choices – both tragic gaps and the courageous questions that emerge from them. One may jump out as a perfect choice. Return to the original process of working with your courageous question, but now add in the ennea-profile that was a part of webinar #2. The handout below contains both the original worksheet and the ennea-profile pages. (Thank you Mary S. for creating this for us!) Share your thoughts on the forum.

Handout: Working with Courageous Questions & your Ennea-Profile  

Helpful Resources:


Parker Palmer and The Tragic Gap

The Center for Courage & Renewal: The Tragic Gap


Parker Palmer Presents Teachings on The Tragic Gap


Part of our journey is listening to our own intuition as we do the inner-work and not getting confused by the paradoxes we may find within. Here is an article to see how our Enneastyles help and/or hurt our ability to hear our inner voice, and a second article to look at how we can handle facing our own paradoxes.

The Enneagram in Business: Intuition
The Enneagram in Business: Paradox


Website Resources:

During the second webinar, Richard Groves mentioned the concept of “Stacking Subtypes.” The following is the resource he recommended. We will come back to this article next week and look at the nuances of “stacking within our subtypes.”