Spirit of the Enneagram: Type Two Forum

A place for questions and reflections around the type two enneastyle.

These are the best practices offered during the webinar:

What a Two Can Do:

  • Do several symbolic things for people that nobody will find out you are responsible for. You may fantasize about the person finding out and thanking you profusely – let go of even that!
  • Spend as much time as you can alone using tools like meditation. Twos feel pressure from others, so to discover your inner truth you’ll need solitude away from that pressure.
  • Make two lists of people: those who drain your energy and those who give you energy. Make a concrete decision about how you spend your time and energy with others.

4 Comments on “Spirit of the Enneagram: Type Two Forum

  1. I love making the two lists of people, those draining and those providing energy. In the effort to be likeable, if not loveable, by all, I see that I include the drainers, “just to be fair” and not leave anyone out, after all, I can help make their life so much easier, richer, happier, less problematic, you know, as nauseum. Hmmmm. And as is said “So, how’s that working for you?” I feel how acknowledging this “decision” will invite me to intentionally connect with those who really do feed me. Oh these aha moment you are helping us have. XOXOX

    • Thank you for your insight! How can you determine if someone is draining you? Is it a “knowing” or “feeling” awareness? I’m curious about your process.

  2. I too am learning to distinguish between those people that drain and those that energize. It is very difficult to tell people “no” but I am feeling it is more necessary as my life, somehow, gets busier these days.
    Learning to love myself and not wait for love from others has been a big challenge.

  3. A question for Horti, Kathy and any type twos: How do you share feedback with others? What are your struggles? What tools do you use so you can be direct and clear, but not charged with emotion?