Spirit of the Enneagram: Type Six Forum

A place for questions and reflections around the type six enneastyle.

These are the best practices offered during the webinar:

What a Six Can Do:

  • Keep an image of an angel around. In the great wisdom traditions, the opening words of angels are always the same: “Be not afraid.”
  • Keep a picture of yourself as a small child in a visible place. In times of stress, be willing to revisit the part of you that has survived these many years. Take consolation in your inner strength.
  • To weaken the fear of authority, spend time reflecting on your own deepest, personal convictions. Which ones would you be willing to live/die for?

“Hi I am John McGreevey and I’ll be your Type Six mentor in this forum. I am a sometimes retired hospice doc from the midwest and occasional musician. I am also a graduate apprentice from the Anamcara Project. Please post any thoughts or questions on your Enneatype journey and I will be happy to respond and reflect.”

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