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  1. I have taken the Enneagram Test with Instinctual Variant a few times now. One time when I took it 3 types were self-preservation , 5 types were social and 1 type was sexual. It said I was self-preservation. Included in the self-preservation is my type #2, my wing #3 and a type 9. I would have thought since there were 5 types that scored social that I would have been considered social. Are your type and wing weighted more? Just wondering. Any thoughts?

    • My understanding is that it is very individualized. For me, my subtype is much more influential than my wings. I know others that seem to be highly influenced by their wings and the subtypes are somewhat even between the three types. I don’t know if you got a chance to see the type 2 subtype descriptions on the Integrative 9 website:
      One-On-One Subtype
      This Two focuses their talents, seductive abilities and energy on attracting and building strong, intimate relationships. In close relationships they are then able to feel trust and assert their needs more clearly. They are strong-willed, flexible and passionate – even wild at heart – which may cause mistyping with Enneagram 4. Highly devoted in close relationships, they may find it difficult to accept limits or take “no” for an answer.
      Social Subtype
      This Two uses their seductive powers in a more intellectual way to attract and engage groups, communities and broader systems. They stand out from the crowd, often taking a central or leadership role. They enjoy being ‘in the know’ and build their influence on their competence and connections. Giving more than they get may be a strategy to distract them from uncomfortable feelings. Less childlike than other Twos, their ambition and influence can mistype as a type Three or Eight.
      This countertype Two may mistype with Enneagram Type 7 or 6. They are “cute”, often child-like in that they are slightly shy but charming and inspire protective instincts in others. The SP Two wants to be taken care of but resists being dependent on others, hesitant and self-protective in taking on long-term commitments and responsibilities. They feel hurt or withdraw when they feel or fear rejection from others.

      Notice the Self-Preservation type is a counter-type. Counter-type means the impulses in the subtype overcompensate for the impulses you are feeling in your enneastyle. A six becomes overly reckless, a seven becomes overly practical, a five becomes overly dependant on a partner, etc.

  2. Thanks for the info. The first time I took the test I scored 7 types social and 2 types sexual and no self- preservation. It said I was social. I’m just trying to understand the variance in these 2 tests.

    • I wouldn’t expend too much energy on the results of tests. They are just a hint to get you started in your personal exploration. Listen to what they say, then let it go. Listen inwardly to hear what feels right to you.

  3. Glad to note that the wings (2w1&3) are making a lot of sense as are the paths of deterioration (8) and integration(4). Interesting to find the Harmony material – feels good to have the 3 qualities included of yin, yang and balance for 5-8-2. What I have been wrestling with is the sub-type. I have now done the tests 3x and it’s interesting to compare the results for them, and to find the common themes that have emerged. Test One – 2w1 – 1:1 / 7 so, 2 1:1; Test Two – 2w1&3 / 3w2 so; Test Three: – 2w1 / 2w3 1:1, 2 1:1, , 3 so

    I appreciated and related to the subtype descriptions you transcribed above Gwenn and have read a variety of other peoples’ descriptions with varying resonance, wondering how they can be so diverse for the same sub-type? I wonder if as we become healthier or older if we can own more of a second sub-type as it almost feels like it is developmental? I can feel the root system of what was true in my younger self as arising from wounding and not healthy even if understandable – I’d like to believe I am more self-aware and healthier now and that it can become less compelling and less unconscious….but I wonder if I’m trying to feel better about myself with this story?!

    Is Richard open to any spiritual direction coming out of this work?

      • I have to own that I had a really “hit the wall” feeling of the subtype 1 to 1 for two (shame, despairing of being such a jerk,) even as I understand the life experiences that likely intensified that coping. I recall Richard’s teaching about “if it really sucks, it’s likely to be right on” (my words not his) and caused me to turn to extensive journaling about contrasting my younger less evolved life to where I am now after much inner work and self-knowing…..that I am far more authentic, aware and meeting my needs in healthier ways. I also recognize my ‘second career’ as NOT a caregiver, but an activist and working where my 3 wing is helpful and being in the public or community sphere, in leadership, working on issues for higher good environmentally and politically. I like to believe that is social 2w3 (and even Five harmony contributing knowledge/research input) in a far more positive self-perception and group/community interactions, My ‘intimacy’ relationship is with my adult son who is living with me where I am wrestling with adult/adult behavior and keeping my 2ish stuff on a tight leash!

        • Wonderful insights. Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Debra! That “hit the wall” feeling is painful but important!