Enneatype Five

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3 Comments on “Enneatype Five

  1. I new I was a social subtype but apparently there is a lot of self-preservation in me. I collect not just ideas ( lots and lots of notes ) but I also collect stuff. I.e. books on hockey, All of Douglas Coupland first edition etc ( I’m also Canadian )

  2. Came across this poem today. Pretty much describes a 5 moving to unhealthy levels. It is a poignant reminder.

    People need someone to stir their compassion often, to make their tears flow, and to give their souls the supreme benefit of generous feelings. For through the wonderful compensation of nature they who give of themselves, grow; and they who withdraw into themselves, living for small pleasures and afraid to share them with others, thinking only of greedily satisfying their own appetites, will gradually change from a human into pure solitude, carrying in their hearts all the gray hair of wintertime.

    .Jose Marti
    Source: “Wandering Teachers,” published in La America, May 1894.