Enneagram as Mirror to the Soul: Type Five

A place for those with the type five enneastyle to discuss personal growth.

Rumi Poem | Type 5

Open your hands

If you want to be held

~ Rumi

Why is this an important poem for type Fives to use for reflection? Fives appear as if they need very little from others and their environments. It has been said that type Fours and type Fives are the most sensitive to a sense of existential abandonment, with Fours having “wet abandonment” and Fives having “dry abandonment.” In other words, Fours feel abandoned and weep about it, whereas Fives deal with their sense of abandonment without tears. Deep inside, however, Fives want engagement with others and deep connection; this is the meaning of the poem.

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3 Comments on “Enneagram as Mirror to the Soul: Type Five

  1. Yes, a good quote as a Five can be quite busy analyzing the world and the bigger systems at work. Yet to dig down into heart space can feel somewhat alienating because we may not feel we will be “Met” there. I personally have always felt a degree of extreme emotional self-sufficiency! I do sense that the Divine sees us there. But what is required is to open our arms! Sigh. I also appreciate the boldness of the type eight (soul child) fitting in here—an unabashed boldness to stand in one’s authority as head/heart/body synchronize. This then leads me to a connection one has with place and how place nourishes us, or not. So, I end with pondering….just like a good 5. (If indeed I am a 5!) Ah, more pondering!
    Take care all.

    • Maura
      Thanks for getting this going, I was going to be first, but then had to think about what to say!
      I agree with everything you said. Sometimes I felt it was easier to be on a heart level with Father, then with any one else.
      You other Fives, just jump in, without thought or planning.

  2. Hello Maura and Daniel! Thank you for showing up :-). I was beginning to think I was the only E5 around :-). And, it just felt like too much effort to jump in! Such powerful, challenging work. I’m working with Eileen Heaton (since October), and it’s been such a gift. I’m just beginning to actually see the gifts I bring – it’s so easy to get lost in the shadow side. Living out of all 3 centers; being present in the moment; recognizing those moments when I want to withdraw and disappear….as a great Harry Potter fan, wouldn’t it be fabulous to have our very own invisibility cloak! Thanks again for showing yourselves!