Enneagram as Mirror to the Soul: Questions

What questions do you have about the content or the technical aspects of our webinar series?

5 Comments on “Enneagram as Mirror to the Soul: Questions

  1. Richard,
    I just want to make sure I’ve got this. It seems as if you are guiding us to follow the flow of the enneagram (moving toward the heart point or toward the trance point) rather than using the former concepts of integration/disintegration. Is that right? Somewhere, I didn’t take in the reason for changing this focus, so I would appreciate more clarity.

  2. Another question: As a 9, I’m moving towards my heart point in 3. As I compare our characteristics in the enneastyle chart, I note the 3’s defense mechanism is identification. I don’t know what identification means in this context. Would you please clarify?

  3. Thanks, Gail, for the clarification, which I had seen earlier. Another area is calling for clarity. When I read “The Soul Child of Ennea-Type Nine,” I am a little confused. Is my Soul Child a Three? I thought I was striving for the positive qualities of a Three, yet the description Sandra Maitri offers is far from complimentary, though heartbreakingly true (even understated) in my case. She states “The heart point of Ennea-type Nine is Point Three, so a Nine’s soul child ….” That seems like a pretty deceptive “so.” I didn’t follow her logic, nor the leap. Hopefully, you can make sense of my confusion. In gratitude already.

  4. Richard and Gwen,
    I’m looking at today’s assignment re the Holy Idea and am trying to square the terms with the materials I have. So, I’m looking for confirmation or clarification if you would be so kind.

    For a Nine, the passion is sloth. So, ‘passion’ here refers to the ‘chief feature’ on the Enneagram Styles and Characteristics handout.

    Is fixation the same as ‘avoidance’? So, for a Nine, this would be conflict.

    Is virtue the same as ‘strength’? So, for a Nine, this would be diligence, or discernment/right action.

    Is holy idea the same as the transformational idea? Holy love or unconditional love.