Introduction: Enneagram as Mirror to the Soul Forum

Share your name and enneastyle, if you know it, as well as something you would like to learn during the Saturday webinar.

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  1. Anne Bartlett – type 8w9
    I rather recently found my enneatype and am still adjusting to being an 8. I am interested in my soul child helping me uncover more childlike innocence.

  2. Mary Solomon – Type 9 from Shaker Heights, Ohio
    Very eager to learn more about the soul child to add to my understanding of myself, the Enneagram and others. I have just started reading/learning about this and is a topic that has not been discussed or taught too often. Therefore, I am eager to add this dimension to my learning.

  3. Kate Ritger, either a 2 with a strong 3 wing or 3 with a strong 2 wing. I hope to grow in self knowledge and learn new ways to nourish my spiritual life.

  4. I am either an E9 with a strong E1 wing or an E1 with a strong E9 wing. I lean strongly to E9 as my core type…for a number of reasons,, but I am open to still exploring E1 more thoroughly. There is a lot there for me regardless.. Working one-on-one with Eileen as I explore more deeply has been a wonderful process.

    I relate powerfully to the soul child of E9 and E1, but I recognize the soul child of E9 on a much deeper level.

    I’d have to say I feel E9 more deeply in my body in every aspect.

    I”m looking forward to exploring more.

  5. Dana Rhode- type 9
    I hope to delve deeper into the spiritual aspects of the Enneagram. I hope to find new insights into my strengths and shadow aspects and maybe help me uncover what is keeping me stuck. I hope it helps me grow as a spiritual being.

  6. I am an Enneastyle 7. I hope to strengthen my awareness of how to nourish my soul child as a support to my inner growth.

  7. I am an Enneastyle 6 most likely with a 7 wing. The Enneagram work I have done through the apprenticeship and the course work have been most helpful in helping me see how things fit together and, frankly, with making friends with myself as I am today and as I have been over the years. I would like to go deeper with all of this.

  8. I am a type 2 and want to know if there is a way to quickly tell when enough helping is enough. I have a difficult time giving up on people I love, especially if they are in a rut and I see potential in them. And they believe they have potential too but don’t put action behind their words. Often I’ll stay in their and end of feeling like I am fighting the fight for them.

  9. I am looking forward to developing a deeper understanding of how my enneatype 9 informs my thoughts and actions. From that, I hope to increase my ability “see” myself and others from a broader perspective, with more balance, insight, understanding, and compassion.

  10. Good day! I am a type 2 and am hoping to learn about integrating all aspects (best of and shadow side) of my enneatype in a healthy and gentle manner.

  11. Erika Rench- type 8
    Is it possible to have been a 9 as a child and then moved towards the 8, or do I have a really strong 9 wing that is showing up again as my false self falls away?

  12. I am type 4 and am excited at this opportunity to deepen my understanding of how I function as a 4 and how I can begin to find my true soul child.

  13. Since learning I am an e5 the world has made so much more sense to me and my relationship to the human inhabitants. It is good and I want to explore.

  14. I’m a six and am relatively new to the enneagram experience. I would love to know more about my inner self. I’m from Edmonton, Alberta

  15. Lauri Powers
    Type 4

    I am new to this concept of an Enneagram Soul Child and would like to learn more about the relationship between my soul child and my type.. I am a 4 with a strong 5 wing.
    The Enneagram has been a great source of growth for me psychologically and spiritually. I’m also in the process of training with Narrative Enneagram Tradition to become a teacher. Hope to learn more about myself and to help others in spiritual direction, work, many places.
    I’m from Tacoma, Wa.

  16. Type 6
    I’m very interested in the enneagram, but I’m often more confused than enlightened. I’m looking for some insight that will help clarify my perceptions. Is it real or is it Memorex!

    • Hi Dawn,

      Hang in there! It can be very confusing at times. There are so many factors that influence who we are. I find often when I’m most confused (have more than once thought of chucking the whole Enneagram “thing”) is when I am about to make a breakthrough in understanding myself and the Enneagram. I’ve found one-on-one work with a Spiritual Director, who is expert in the Enneagram, to be very helpful.

  17. Type 7
    I am a newcomer to the world of the Enneagram. While I have experienced many Aha moments in my early understanding, I am seeking a deeper understanding of my Soul Child that will help me to let go of ego and begin the process of transformation.

  18. Mary Salinas – type 2

    I want to continue to learn to relax my ego and lay down the knife of self judgement.

  19. I am in the process of exploration. I’m currently exploring the realm of Enneastyle 1 with a 9 Wing and it feels quite fitting thus far. I’m hoping that by learning more about the Soul Child of E-1, I will get a clearer picture of where I likely reside.

  20. My name is Laura. I’m pretty sure I’m a 6w7. I’ve also thought I was 9 at different points – so pretty clear I’m on the 6/9/3 triad. Looking forward to learning more and going deeper with this, I’m really wanting to move beyond the popular personality typing level of it all.

  21. I been operating for 20+ years* as a one, and often with a strong two wing. With current therapy I’ve been asked to consider my current actions as more consistent with my nine wing; and I have had good internal feedback. The Soul Child is a new concept to me, so I’m anxious to learn more about it. (*) If Randy is reading – I’m still at it!

  22. Hi everyone, I’m a 9w1, and really looking forward to learning more about myself and about the Enneagram.

  23. Hi everyone. I am an Enneatype 7. I am looking forward to growing in my understanding of the Enneagram and how it can continue to contribute to my understanding of myself and others from the perspective of the soul child.

  24. I am a 9, curious about what my soul child might be and about how the Enneagram might mirror that. Pretty dang exciting!

  25. I am a 9. I am hoping to expand my self-knowledge while learning the best ways to interact with others’ approach to life.

  26. Greetings to all. I am a 7. While I thought I had a 6 wing, I’m beginning to believe it may be closer to an 8. I look forward to joining you all on this spiritual journey.

  27. My name is Nancy and I am a 5. I am very immersed in becoming reacquainted with my Soul Child, and participating in the loving of her into healing. I am grateful for Richard’s offering…Thank you!

  28. Hi, I’m Anita and determined I am a 4 at the Enneagram workshop in St. Albert in August 2019. I have been working with an image of a little girl trapped in a bubble in the darkness for a number of years. I am hoping to learn ways to contact her and to understand her nature and needs

  29. Hi All, I’m Horti, in Auburn CA. I am a E2 and on the brink of discarding codependantly motivated action in favor of kindness – to and with self. Completing professional career, moving beyond the role. Seeking truth. Exploring Annamcara.

  30. I am curious to hear the ways that any of The enneagram types use to create the energy of doing the work of going against the arrow to your Heart point. I am particularly interested in ways that you uncover the unconscious or subconscious parts of your essence.

    • Marianne,

      I think you mean to move toward your Heart Point or Soul child…to feel and hear her. We naturally go against her, move away, as this is the self we learned was unacceptable. For me, it is not with “trying” that I uncover what I need to see that I have hidden from myself. For me, it is in loving myself when I feel most wounded, most judgmental (whether toward myself or another), it is in self-acceptance and in quiet. As Richard says often, in contemplative practices. And it is most of all in my willingness to love myself and “lean in” when I finally see and hear what has been blatantly right before me all the time — what I really do not like about myself. Without self-love there will never be seeing. All my negative behaviors (inner and outer) have always been there — I now see clearly — I just could not see them, because to see them was to feel I was unworthy to be alive or be loved. So I always stay with self-acceptance with loving kindness first…while I breathe.

  31. Hi everyone! I’m an Enneastyle 2, and am yearning to go deeper into this work. It truly resonated with me that 2’s have an obsession with opinions and practices of others…. most recently I’ve been in search of the perfect planner/journal system and spend countless hours exploring other’s systems, that perhaps I need to just keep it simple and start writing…

  32. Hello everyone, I just joined today for the second webinar. I am a 9 and am excited to be here. I am very interested in journeying a spiritual path and doing a spiritual practice for transformation. Learned a lot today! Thank you!

  33. Hello everyone. I have only been introduced to the Enneagram within the past year and am at the beginning of this life-long journey. While I initially resisted, I identify as a 7. As is typical of my Enneatype, I have kept myself “too busy” to participate in the forum until now. I was unable to attend the first two webinars live, and am looking forward to being a part of the final webinar “live”.

  34. Maura from Eugene/Portland here. I treasure connection to ancient bodies of knowledge such as this. I find I am closest to a type 5 (an extroverted, social one) and guessing a 4 wing. I remain quite curious that types 8 and 2 are in this triad! Feeling into resonances…..