Irish Spirit of the Enneagram

Spirit of the Enneagram: An Introduction to a Sacred Psychology

The Enneagram is a remarkable tool for psychological and spiritual growth.  This ancient wisdom tradition offers clinical insight that explains why we behave in the way that we do by uncovering our unconscious motivations and deeply rooted influences.  The lessons of the Enneagram are not learned by studying books or concepts, but through an elegant process called the oral tradition.  It is only from sharing and hearing the stories of others, that your personal life ‘script’ is revealed.

Programme Information:

Friday, 20 January 2023, 13.00 – 20.30
Saturday, 21 January 2023, 13.00 – 20.30

Programme Tuition: €250

*Special Half Off Registration Tuition with One Full Registration. Please contact to register for this special offer.  Spirit of the Enneagram is a wonderful workshop to attend with a partner, family members, colleagues, and friends!

Click here for more programme information and for a PDF of the Spirit of the Enneagram flyer.


Every participant of Sacred Art of Living Community’s online programmes is required to have adequate internet connection and appropriate equipment for a Zoom meeting/webinar.  This allows for each participant to be seen and heard by their fellow participants as well as the Leadership Team during our highly interactive programmes.  It is not allowed to simply attend a workshop anonymously (i.e. with muted video and audio).

Participants are also required to be present in an appropriate, stationary space with access to audio and visual privacy as needed.  Driving or riding in a vehicle during a programme is unsuitable to the integrity of the workshop and the quality of your experience and the experience of your fellow participants.

Full participation in these workshops is required.  This includes participation in the interactive breakout sessions and small group exercises that are part of each programme.

We highly recommend, if at all possible, to join our online programmes with a laptop or desktop computer to allow for optimal viewing and participation.  A working camera and microphone are also essential.  In our experience iPads, Tablets, and smartphones tend to greatly inhibit the overall experience for participants.

Please CLICK HERE for Sacred Art of Living Centre’s Programme Cancellation Policy.

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