Enneagram & Spiritual Discernment Webinar #1 Week Three Materials

Questions to Ponder:

Go back to the Courageous Question you worked with during the live webinar. Reflect on any insights that you have gained over the last several weeks. Take a moment and, once again, send your question/issue around each center of intelligence starting with your own (ex: a nine would start with the gut center, then the heart center, then the head center, and return to the gut center).

If you would like, pick a new Courageous Question/pressing issue and follow this same process. Reflect on your experience and share your thoughts in the forum.

Enneagram Forum

Handout: Enneagram Webinar Worksheet

Helpful Resources:

Enneagram in Business: Decision Making and the Enneagram

Academic Article:

Wang, Yufei & Xu, Fang & Qin, Feng. (2019). The Influence of Enneagram on Decision Style: Mindfulness as Mediator Variable. Open Journal of Social Sciences. 07. 266-281. 10.4236/jss.2019.74021.


Enneagram: Listen To The Council Of Your Numbers

by Dr. Tom LaHue