Enneagram Contemplative

Enneagram Contemplative Retreat

“Let yourself be silently drawn by what you truly love.” —Rumi

At the heart of Enneagram spirituality is the belief that spiritual freedom is enhanced by simply recognizing the dominant illusion of our type, i.e. the passion that dominates our behaviors and relationships. But the Enneagram does not stop with traditional psychological categories or typology. It invites the soul to look deeper and ultimately surrender to the divine grace which at once unmasks our patterns of weakness, but also affirms our unique gifts.

The Contemplative Enneagram Retreat is one important way to journey deeper into these spiritual insights which people from all religious traditions have found to be exceptionally valuable. During the four days and three nights of the retreat, participants will have a concentrated opportunity to reflect, pray and listen. Some teaching and common exercises take place but only as a support to the time alone which is the centerpiece of this retreat.

Nutritious food (primarily vegetarian), a relatively open schedule, the beautiful and natural environment, and the gift of silence all contribute to making the Contemplative Enneagram Retreat a life-renewing experience. Participants leave with a sense of inner peace and strength while connections with the Divine and significant others are enriched.

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