Enneagram and Spiritual Discernment Webinar Week Two Materials

Questions to Ponder:

Read the handout below to explore the different subtypes within your Enneastyle. To quote the Integrative9 article “We have three basic instinctual drives that are essential for human experience, all three residing in us as necessary body-based primal forces. They are separate from personality and are behind our life strategies, often unconscious, yet powerfully directing our fundamental way of being. While these instincts are always there, one of the three becomes dominant and is more easily accessed and, therefore, more easily used than the others. When the dominant instinct merges with the core Enneagram a new character structure is formed.” Look at all three of your subtype profiles. Ask how each of these show up in your lives. Which seems to be dominant? Which is the hardest to access? Share your thoughts on the forum.

Handout: 27 Subtype Profiles

Helpful Resources:


Integrative9: 27 Subtypes (interactive tool)

Enneagram in Business: 3 reasons why the 27 enneagram subtypes matter

The Complete Enneagram by Beatrice Chestnut

The Enneagram―a universal symbol of human purpose and possibility―is an excellent tool for doing the hardest part of consciousness work: realizing, owning, and accepting your strengths and weaknesses. In this comprehensive handbook, Beatrice Chestnut, PhD, traces the development of the personality as it relates to the nine types of the Enneagram, the three different subtype forms each type can take, and the path each of us can take toward liberation. With her guidance, readers will learn to observe themselves, face their fears and disowned Shadow aspects, and work to manifest their highest potential.