Employment Opportunities

Job Title: Program Manager

Department: Education & Promotion

Supervisor: Richard Groves, Founding Director


Please apply by emailing to gwen@sacredartofliving.org no later than Monday, August 26, 2019. Make sure that you include all current contact information including email and phone information.

Send current CV and/or resume together with a short paragraph reply to each of the following questions:

-Why is the Program Manager position at Sacred Art of Living Center a good fit for you at this point in your life?

-Why do you believe that your background, experience, and interests would be strengths in the SALC Program Manager position?

-What concerns do you have about anything related to the Program Manager Job Description (starting date, particular tasks or other practical issues)?


Sacred Art of Living Center (SALC) is a non-profit education institute founded in 1996 and based in Bend, Oregon USA.  Our mission is to offer retreats and seminars that improve the depth and quality of living for persons from all walks of life.  Our vision is to transform suffering through all the stages of living and dying.  Our work embodies healing practices which integrate the great wisdom traditions and contemporary sciences.   SALC is committed to multicultural and inter-spiritual perspectives on healing and wellness; programs are appropriate for professional and personal development.

Sacred Art of Living offers a creative, team-based work environment.  SALC strives to challenge and encourage personal growth and involvement among its staff with core teachings and principles for healing and wellness.

SALC is an equal opportunity employer and strives to create an inclusive environment that welcomes and values the diversity of the people we serve.

The Program Manager (PM) is a key staff position that promotes, coordinates and ensures the highest professional standards for the promotion and delivery of SALC retreats and seminars— nationally and internationally.  The PM is an essential member of the SALC staff team and works collaboratively to ensure the viability of SALC’s mission.  The two essential, overarching tasks of the PM are 1) ensuring that program contracts, calendars, logistics, and budgets meet organizational goals and 2) networking creatively to promote future SALC programs.  The heart of the PM’s role is communicator-in-chief between SALC executive director, staff and program sponsors/participants.

Promote, manage and coordinate all (Sacred Art of Living) SALC programs including:

-To schedule and monitor all SALC program activities including communication with SALC mentors and teachers
-To create and execute contracts for existing and future programs
-To assist with the development and monitoring of the annual SALC budget relative to program revenue and expenses

-To participate in weekly staff/team meetings
-To be the primary point of communication between SALC and national/international program venues for logistics, registrations, payments, etc.

-To prepare the shipping of all relevant teaching materials to program venues.

-To assist in arranging for professional CEUs at SALC programs for relevant caregiver professions
-To provide essential support (TBD) for Anamcara Apprenticeship programs including on-going communication with apprentices and program leadership

-Maintain SALC calendar for all program-related events
-Assist with team travel arrangements as required
-Daily related office tasks
-Participate in weekly team meetings
-Assist with volunteer coordination related to program delivery
-Interface with staff in all program-related areas


-Prefer BA and/or MA in humanities or related fields
-Some background in spiritual studies and/or practice


-Familiarity with SALC programs and philosophy preferably participation in the Sacred Art of Living & Dying series and the Anamcara Apprenticeship program


-Marketing experience
-Excellent skills in communication and verbal composition
-Computer literate and comfortable with basic IT platforms and social communication

Computer skills, analytical budget skills, friendly verbal communication skills, and polished written/grammatical skills.  Physical ability to move/lift approx. 40 lbs. program material containers when required.
-SALC hopes to begin employment at the beginning of the calendar year, 2020.
-SALC offers competitive compensation packages

-For eligible employees, SALC offers Health Care Insurance, a Long Term Disability Plan as well as a Savings Incentive Retirement Plan for full-time employees.

-The salary range begins at $23-$26/hr. (depending on experience); the PM position will be a “salary exempt” staff member.