Circle of Life Workshop

Location: The Riverhouse, Bend Oregon
Cost for the 2 Day Event: $450

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The workshop program is as follows:
Joan Borysenko, PhD, along with Dr. Gilah Rosner

Introduction to SyNAPSE: Integrating Science, Spirituality, and Health

Dr. Joan Borysenko, and Dr. Gilah Rosner will introduce SyNAPSE, a personalized, heart-centered, mindfulness-based and meaning-full approach to living fully human through simple and effective tools for self-caring. SyNAPSE draws on the best of cutting-edge Science: Nutrition, Awareness training, Positive Psychology, Spirituality and Epigenetics to empower your best health and your best self.

In this workshop you will:

  • Dive deep into the relationship between spirituality and positive psychology
  • Learn about the connection between the heart, brain, and gut nervous systems
  • Understand the connection between food and mood
  • Uncover core strengths and use positive psychology for resilience
Dan Siegel, MD

The Power of Awareness: The Science and Practice of Presence

Dr. Siegel’s workshop will address the neuro-biological evidence of the health benefits of
presence.  He will explore how focusing the mind on the present moment, the “now” moment, fosters a form of “internal attunement” that stimulates the activity and then the growth of the self-regulating fibers of the brain.  The growth of these neural regions enables enhanced
empathy, self-understanding, emotional regulation, and also improved physiological functions.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn the “integration of consciousness practice” called the Wheel of Awareness
  • Be given tools for cultivating open awareness
  • Practice focused attention
  • Reveal the power of kind intention

During this two-day conference, each day will feature:

  • Morning and afternoon workshops by the featured presenters
  • The gift of two books by our featured presenters
  • A meet & greet/book signing
  • Special cultural celebrations
  • Healthy on-site catered lunch selections
  • Live music & inspiration
  • A daily social opportunity