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How to motivate students
Make Friday more free
You can use student ideas even more often. For example, students who attended classes all week, completed all the tasks and followed all the rules, can vote for the choice of activities on Friday (lectures, discussions, watching a movie, playing, staging a scene from a play or movie).
Link lessons to real life
Whether it's budgeting for family holiday gifts, telling stories about your city, or reviewing the latest in pop culture, students will love school more if they can associate learning with everyday life. For them to be successful in this, it is enough to give them homework with such topics. When you allow your students to use, they can complete their homework quickly and efficiently. Thus, they will successfully be able to associate the learning process with everyday life.
Celebrate Success
In challenging classrooms, every day can feel like a life-and-death battle, so try to remind students that they've come a long way. After all, doing homework is a battle with yourself, a battle with laziness, and if you visit the webpage, then the struggle will be successful. Set achievable, short-term goals, focus on improving results, let students self-evaluate themselves, and change things they find difficult to handle.

Praise them for accomplishments outside of class
Learning is possible and necessary not only within the school.Invite the children to count the number of stairs in their house, write an essay about their volunteering experience, how they felt during sports competitions, or choose any creative activity that the students would like to complete. For example, writing a written work on any topic. Using the essay proofreading service they will do it much better than before. This way you will teach them to learn outside of the learning process in the classroom.

Plan your dream tour
Brainstorm and think about going somewhere. The better the children perform in class, the more challenging and longer the trip can be. Listen to the opinions of the children and go on an excursion that you yourself have planned. Be sure to reward children for activity, interest, good behavior, let them leave a review about the trip.
Show that knowledge ensures the future
Show the prospects for good study and confident knowledge. Let the student understand that with good skills and grades, he can get into the dream university much easier and faster. Or find a way to use your knowledge at a cool internship or study abroad.

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