Enneagram Programs


Sacred Art of Living strongly endorses the study of the Enneagram as a tool for self awareness and spiritual development. Mary and Richard Groves have been students and teachers of the Enneagram tradition for more than twenty years. The Enneagram is much more than a personality typology; it is a sacred psychology with ancient roots in many spiritual traditions. The Enneagram is a pre-requisite for participants in the Anamcara Apprenticeship program. Anyone interested in learning more about the Enneagram is welcome to participate in one of the many seminars and retreats offered through Sacred Art of Living Center. While there are many schools of Enneagram study, SALC instructors focus on the spirituality of the Enneagram. We especially honor our Enneagram mentors, who have helped to form SALC’s perspective on the Enneagram among whom are Richard Rohr, Helen Palmer and Riso-Hudson.

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Enneagram Studies
Spirit of the Enneagram Workshop
Enneagram Contemplative Retreat