Our Story

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Sacred Art of Living is a non-profit center for Spiritual Education and Training

Our Mission

To transform suffering by discovering the sacred in every aspect of living and dying.

Our Work

Our unique workshop-retreats are inspired by the perennial teachings of the Sacred Art of Living and Dying--  which challenge all of us to live out of our deepest convictions and priorites.

The sacred question that informs our teaching is: 

"How shall we live knowing that we shall die..."

We believe in...
  • Healing the Healers: By supporting all persons in the helping and healing professions
  • We are the Medicine: By discovering that who we are is as important as what we do
  • Transforming Suffering: Through compassionate and contemplative caregiving
  • Re-connecting Soul & Role: In order to transform our personal and cultural priorities
  • Bridging Science and Spirituality: By overcoming dualism with the emerging 'quantum mysticism' of our time
  • Finding Common Ground: With persons of all spiritual paths while reclaiming the wisdom inherited in our Western and Judeo-Christian traditions

Our History

In 1997 Richard and Mary Groves were inspired to create the Sacred Art of Living Center as a one-of-its-kind school for spiritual formation for caregivers.  Their vision brought together more than 50 years of work in interfaith education, professional development and end-of-life spirituality.  The result is our 'north star' workshop-retreat series called the Sacred Art of Living and Dying, the nation's first comprehensive training and certification program for spirituality in end-of-life care.

Over time, the mission of Sacred Art of Living Center has expanded to include many other workshops and retreats including The Anamcara Project, a unique apprenticeship that applys the spiritual wisdom of our ancestors with clinically-proven best practices.  Professional and lay caregivers from many backgrounds testify that these trainings are life changing at both personal and vocational levels.


-The Sacred Art of Living and the Sacred Art of Dying are one and the same.

-Forgiveness, Meaning, Relationship and Hope are the four universal spiritual elements.

-Spiritual suffering can always be transformed into life-giving potential.

-Learning how to lean into pain because "the only way out is through.."

-The dying are our teachers who inspire us to live with greater meaning and hope. 

More than 20,000 persons around the world have now been trained in the "sacred arts," inspiring both professional and lay caregivers to live lives of enhanced awareness, compassion, and peace.


Sacred Art of Living Center hopes to inspire a movement towards a new vision of caregiving...

-Where hospices, hospitals and eldercare are transformed through an holistic model that fully integrates the needs of  body, mind and spirit.

-Where faith communities of all traditons offer the one-on-one spiritual support found in the anamcara tradition.

-Where the sacred arts of living and dying become an essential influence in our schools, workplaces and communities.