Becoming an Anamcara

Drawing on the classical healing traditions of antiquity, Sacred Art of Living Center has developed the Anamcara Apprenticeship Program.  This two year training will create a new generation of caregivers in the dual role of the traditional anamcara: namely, the sacred art of living and the sacred art of dying.

Sacred Art of Living Center - The Sacred Art of Living Center offers education and training in the classical spiritual tradition of action and contemplation. Two areas of study that connect spirituality and everyday life include:

  • The Enneagram: sacred psychology for self-awareness
  • Art of Spiritual Discernment: wisdom from the world’s great religious traditions

Sacred Art of Living & Dying - Anyone, regardless of profession, spiritual background, or previous experience is welcome to participate in the core study units offered through the Sacred Art of Living & Dying series. For persons called to support others on their spiritual journey at the end of life, two additional levels of training and supervision invite persons to become Anamcara end-of-life practitioners. All levels of the Sacred Art of Living & Dying series teach practical skills based on the time-tested lessons of history-but applied practically to today’s audience and needs. The Sacred Art of Living & Dying is also based on the ancient wisdom that, for all of the support an Anamcara may provide, it is the dying who become their teachers at the end of life.

Spiritual Practice - Soul friendship is ultimately rooted in spiritual practice rather than a profession or institutional ministry. In other words, there is no formal governing body or accreditation for licensing Anamcara. Traditionally Anamcara were mentored by elders whom the community recognized as possessing special gifts of spiritual discernment. Anamcara are called to be life-long students of the Inner Life and companions of the Inner Journey for others.

Standards for Practitioners - Based on twenty-five years of training and experience in end-of-life care, Sacred Art of Living Center has established baseline standards for the education and practice of today’s Anamcara. In addition to learning about the history, skills and challenges of this work, The Anamcara Project offers more intensive levels of practical training and mentorship. Not everyone who participates in Sacred Art of Living & Dying programs is necessarily interested in the formal designation of Anamcara. However, all participants in a Sacred Art of Living & Dying course will be invited to appropriately apply Anamcara practices within their life circumstances.

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