A 30 Day Virtual Retreat Experience: Waking to the Presence of Mystery in All Things ~ October 14 – November 10, 2023

A 30 Day Virtual Retreat Experience: Waking to the Presence of Mystery in All Things ~ Based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

The Thirty Day Ignatian Discernment Retreat is a five hundred year old tradition that has been widely acclaimed as the West's first great bridge between the worlds of psychology and spirituality.  Developed by Ignatius of Loyola, a 16th century Spanish mystic, whose Spiritual Exercises grew out of the 'ornament of the world,' a time on the Iberian Peninsula that creatively drew from the wisdom of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  This classical school produced some of the world's great mystical teachers whose wisdom will be echoed in this retreat.  This virtual experience is appropriate for any spiritual seeker, regardless of religious or spiritual background.  The 'exercises' and contemplative practices of the retreat are invaluable for a person discerning a major life decision but are equally powerful as a means of deeper self-awareness.  Our retreat also draws from the spiritual dimension of the Enneagram which evolved during the same historical period.  Every retreatant will be accompanied by a trained spiritual companion.

What you can expect from this 30-day retreat experience:

- Weekly online teachings in the Ignatian and Jungian Discernment Traditions.

- Daily reflections and practices for discernment in everyday life.

- Weekly one-on-one sessions with a spiritual companion.

To view testimonies of previous retreatants, please click here.

Tuition: $690.00 USD

Early Bird Tuition: $590.00 USD - Valid Until Aug. 31, 2023

Super Early Bird Tuition: $490.00 - Valid Until May 31, 2023

Tuition payments are to be made after acceptance of an application.

Applications are now being accepted for this one-of-a-kind virtual retreat experience and we would love for you to join us.  Space is limited so be sure to apply early! 

Click here for a PDF of this flyer. Feel free to print it out for yourself and share it with friends, family, and colleagues.



Every participant of Sacred Art of Living Community’s online programs is required to have an adequate internet connection and appropriate equipment for a Zoom meeting/webinar.  This allows for each participant to be seen and heard by their fellow participants as well as the Leadership Team during our highly interactive programs.  It is not allowed to simply attend a workshop anonymously (i.e. with muted video and audio).

Participants are also required to be present in an appropriate, stationary space with access to audio and visual privacy as needed.  Driving or riding in a vehicle during a program is unsuitable to the integrity of the workshop and the quality of your experience and the experience of your fellow participants.

Full participation in these workshops is required.  This includes participation in the interactive breakout sessions and small group exercises that are part of each program.

We highly recommend, if at all possible, to join our online programs with a laptop or desktop computer to allow for optimal viewing and participation.  A working camera and microphone are also essential.  In our experience iPads, Tablets, and smartphones tend to greatly inhibit the overall experience for participants.


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